Down 39lbs in 8 Weeks (Photos)

This is the 57th day I have been alternate day fasting, so yesterday marked my eighth week on the plan. This morning I weighed 274 pounds, down from a 312 starting weight, which means I’ve lost around 39 lbs since March 1st. (If I hadn’t been eating more during the week of Easter, I would probably have shed forty pounds by now.)

But I’m not in a rush. I haven’t made any big changes since my last update except that I’ve been experimenting with longer fasts in the past couple weeks by not eating any calories on most of my down (fast) days. However, I may switch this up going forward because I’ve been noticing some fatigue and weakness in the evenings of my down days: symptoms I didn’t notice as much when I was eating the low-cal meal on the fast days. Other than on fast day evenings when I don’t eat at all, the early symptoms I experienced in the first month are gone — even feeling cold on fast days, and occasional nausea and the like. Seems like my body has adjusted.

Still, sometime in May I’d like to try a longer fast, just to see how my body handles it — maybe a 60 or 72-hr abstention. I still have a long way to go. Here’s some photos to document current progress:

8 Weeks Front8 Weeks Side





One thought on “Down 39lbs in 8 Weeks (Photos)

  1. You are an inspiration Steve. I love Jesus too. I’m 70 years young and live in Melbourne Australia.
    I started ADF 2 weeks ago. The email address is our family one. God bless you.

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