Day 44 – My Body Should Serve Me, Not the Other Way Around

It just occurred to me that I keep titling these posts with which day of alternate day fasting I’m on, but I never set out with any specific goal or time period to do this. Instead I had a goal weight target in mind: 250 lbs. There are some people who’ve been eating this way for years, but I’m not sure I could do it forever. I like fasting and I think incorporating it into my life is sustainable, but I’m not sure about ADF in particular.

Today is a feed day after a 39-hour fast. I walked five miles this morning, plus I went with the church’s youth group to walk in a pine forest last night in the dark — I’d say we went about three miles. Eight miles is a good amount of walking on an empty stomach when you’re a fatbody like me. So after I showered this morning my stomach was woke.

I really overate when we went for pizza two nights ago, and did I ever regret it: I was hungry a lot yesterday. There’s no shame in making mistakes as long as you learn from them, I tell my kids. Because some people don’t. Today I’m going to focus on putting good, nutritious food in this body so my stomach and head will fall into proper alignment with my will tomorrow.


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