ADF Day 38 – Eating Makes Me Sleepy

The dynamics of the alternate day approach have changed a lot since I first started. There hasn’t been any intestinal distress of any kind for a couple weeks now. I fart a lot less, too. When I was eating all the time I had a constant feeling of bloating and gas. And although I’m working out moderately almost every day, I haven’t felt any undue muscle soreness. So it seems like my body has pretty much adapted to eating every other day.

Then this morning I broke a 38 hour fast with a bowl of shredded wheat, whole milk, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder. In the 38 hours prior, I only felt hungry one time, at bedtime, while my wife was talking about the various kinds of food she’d sampled at a certain buffet (human feeding-trough) establishment in Myrtle Beach. Except for that brief moment when she was talking I hadn’t thought about food all day, even though I’d done strength training in the garage for about 40 minutes and walked a few miles this morning before I broke the fast. I wasn’t starving during all that time. I felt strong. Only one hunger pang in 38 hours — I could’ve kept going if I’d wanted. My energy was super-powered all day yesterday. I felt euphoric. In fact, it wasn’t until I ate two bowls of homemade beef stew for lunch today that it just disappeared entirely: now I’m slaggy and slouching and feel like I could just drool on someone. It’s counter-intuitive: eating — not fasting — makes me sleepy.

I started this eating plan on a bit of a whim and caught up with lots of reading and research later. If someone had told me at the outset that I’d love the way I feel on fast days, I’d never have believed it. I’m sitting here thinking, Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we fast, and it’s not a negative thought. I actually look forward to it.


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