ADF Day 37

I certainly didn’t eat too clean yesterday, throwing down last night on four IPAs, pasta, cake and ice cream. Many a carb was consumed, and most were of the simple sort. But I didn’t die in my sleep or anything so here I am.

Since starting this regimen, on my up/feed days I don’t seem to get really hungry until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Yesterday morning I went for a walk on the beach, came home and ate two cups of shredded wheat with a cup of whole milk, a banana, and a scoop of protein powder: all good, nutritious clean food. Around 4 PM I came home and ate like hell, but before that I wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat a thing. It’s like my stomach suddenly wakes up in the afternoon and I can really pack it away until 7 or 8 at night.

Oh well. In spite of all the sugar I spiked my insulin with last night, I feel great with fasting today. It’s 11 AM and I haven’t had a hunger pang or a drop in energy or anything of note. Maybe I’ll shoot for a 36-er if I’m not feeling hungry tonight, to make up for filling the tank with junk last night.

I bought some keto sticks two days ago because I was curious to know whether I ever get into ketosis on fast days. I tested my urine throughout the day from 10-7 or so, and the sticks showed a trace amount of ketones every time, with the last measurement being slightly stronger, but still “trace.” I’d be interested to know whether a 36 hour fast would show anything different.


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