Day 34 – Blood Work Results

Got the results from last week’s lab work today. All of my numbers are within normal limits, which surprises me because I was hard on my body in 2016. I watched TV, played video games and ate sugary salty fattening crap, and I drank a lot more than I should have. When I consider that since my last blood work I was mostly laid out on my back, feeling depressed and stuffing myself — and gaining thirty pounds in the process — it seems like there is only one way my numbers could now be this good. Alternate. Day. Fasting.

My risk indicators for heart disease are low. My blood glucose and triglycerides are low. The human body is really an amazing thing in its capacity to safeguard and heal itself. If the numbers look similar in six months I’ll hit the doctor up to reduce or eliminate my statin dosage.

Lipid profile


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