March 2017 – Summary of Results

In the month of March I lost 27.5 lbs. Basically I’m back to my “pre-sickness” weight, the body shape I had when I was still working a very physical job. When I went to the doctor with pneumonia and persistent asthma which wouldn’t respond to normal treatments in December of 2015, I weighed 284. I spent the first six months of 2016 in my bedroom, watching television, and the last six months weren’t much better. I packed on 28 pounds in 2016.

This morning I weighed in at 285.4 lbs, which means I lost another five pounds this past week. I did three 36-hour fasts in the past week, meaning I skipped the low-cal meal one typically eats on a down day with modified alternate day fasting. I’ve determined two things with certainty. The first is that drinking beer, eating ice cream or otherwise ingesting large amounts of carbohydrates on up (feast) days makes me lethargic on fast days — at least for about 16-20 hours after eating. (I think they make me feel hungry more often, too.) The second is that I have problems getting to sleep if I skip the low-cal evening meal, partly because I have more energy on fast days.

The good news is that if I wished to keep doing 36’s, these are both manageable problems. In the first case, I can limit eating and drinking carbs. In the second, I shouldn’t nap or relax too much on the fast day, so I’m tired when I finally hit the mattress.

That being said, maybe I should go back to consistently eating the 500-600 calorie meal. It does make sticking to the plan easier, and it banishes fatigue and sleeping trouble. I’m experimenting, here. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube with these body-builder meatheads who seem like they are pretty fond of their mirrors, but who nevertheless extol the glories of intermittent fasting: eating all their calories within a specified time window, say, six or eight hours a day. I might try doing that in the future if I get sick of ADF.

Another 35.4 lbs to go to hit my target weight of 250, and keeping weight off is the true test of any lifestyle change. But for now, I can congratulate myself on trying something new for a month and seeing good results.


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