ADF Day 30 – Photos

It is 9 o’clock in the morning and I have been awake since 3:45. I woke up with a headache yesterday and it remained with me throughout my fast day, which made me feel unusually oppressed and tired — though not particularly hungry — and I took a brief nap in the afternoon which probably threw my sleep off. I drove my daughter to school this morning and went to get the lab work the doctor ordered a few days ago: complete blood count, lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel and (for the first time ever — Hello, Middle Age) a prostate-specific antigen. I wonder if fasting for 36 hours will have an effect on the numbers.

Anyway I got home around 8, lifted weights in the garage for a half-hour, snapped some selfies, ate some breakfast and here I sit. While I am waiting to hear how my recent eating changes may have affected my insides, I took these pictures to document how this first four weeks has affected me on the outside. The photos on the left were taken before I started alternate day fasting. The photos on the right were taken this morning. Considering it has only been 30 days and I haven’t been pounding myself with hours and hours of exercise, I think the changes are noticeable, even if subtle. I’ll be really pleased if I can get enough weight off to run again without joint or tendon problems.

30 Days

30 Days 2


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