Day 28 – Four Weeks & Dr’s Visit

Saturday 3/25 was a fast day and instead of eating a low-cal meal in the evening I just kept going through Sunday morning, so that’s my second 36-hour fast. I worked in the backyard yanking and hacking vines for a couple hours, but I didn’t get especially hungry even after that exertion. And I didn’t notice a problem sleeping like I did the first time I tried a 36 — probably because I avoided taking a nap earlier in the day.

Sunday morning I snuggled with Sikki and felt closer to her: I’ve joked that we’ve been “growing apart” because of my expanding belly in the past year. But I felt like I could lay on her without smothering her into blue-faced oblivion. After church we took the kids down to Calabash to eat at Tony’s Pizza, a local mom ‘n’ pop with terrific pizza pie which is probably 600 calories a slice or something crazy. I ate five heavenly slices throughout the evening. There was no intestinal distress on Monday (yesterday) and no repercussions of any kind except that carbs make me tired whether I’m fasting or not, so I felt sleepy yesterday. At the 24 hour mark last night I made and ate a salad, but I really didn’t need it. It made me feel overfull. Maybe next week I’ll try doing real, serious Alternate Day Fasting — like not the “modified” kind where you eat a small amount on the fast days but a total zero-calorie day — just to see how I feel and whether I notice a difference.

I’m experimenting with all this, trying to figure out what works and, after the goal is met, how all these options might be used to keep the weight off in the long-term.

Went to the doctor for a check-up this morning. He ordered bloodwork, which I’ll get on Thursday morning after fasting tomorrow. Twenty pounds of weight loss confirmed on the physician’s scale. Not bad for four weeks.


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