Day 25

Yesterday I ate like a bearded Tolkien dwarf: lots of meat and ale. (There was also much dairy — ice cream, cheese, and Greek yogurt.) It was fabulous, and one of maybe two feed days since I started where I blew past my maintenance calories, landing somewhere pretty close to 4,000. The ice cream and ale were the slam-dunk. If I hadn’t consumed them, the count would’ve been closer to a more appropriate 3,000. I also ate a little longer than usual, ending just before 9 PM. I typically stop eating around 7-7:30 every day, regardless of whether it’s an up or a down day.

I don’t really believe in “cheat days,” but after spending the last two decades trying to force my body to do things without any thoughtful consideration whatsoever, I’m trying to listen to it now. Yesterday it was saying, Jam me with fat and protein. So I did.

Since my weight is dropping rapidly right now I’ve had adjust my “maintenance calories” almost weekly. As of yesterday I weighed 290.8 lbs, so after reconfiguring MyFitnessPal it recommends 2,890 cals for maintenance (weight stability – no gain or loss). Of course, on fast days like today I wouldn’t consume more than 20% of that number, or 578 cals. (Whenever I write “cals” I think of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, where cal was a nadsat word for crap. But I digress.)

I have in mind to do some yardwork today, basically trying to extract a pernicious system of vines that have been scheming to take over the entire backyard for the past two summers and which I haven’t had the strength to address. Hopefully it won’t be too strenuous, but it might be a good test of how my energy holds up while fasting and doing extended physical labor. The danger, I suppose, is that it will make me hungry.


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