ADF Day 23 – The Sharts

This fast day has passed well so far. I’ve been on my feet, productive, mentally alert and not concerned with food except for maybe two passing hunger pangs.

I’m trying to think about what I eat on feast days in relation to how I feel on the following fast day. For example, yesterday was so busy I barely had time to eat, and by 5 o’clock I was really hungry. I was 30 minutes from home so I got a combo meal from KFC: 3 chicken tenders, mashed taters, biscuit and chocolate cookie. I poured the drink out because it was Diet Pepsi, which tastes like fizzy gasoline. I guess I’d forgotten that since I don’t drink soda and hadn’t had it in so long. Anyway, the meal was around 1000 cals, but of course except for the chicken itself it was almost complete carbohydrate crap. Then I went home and had a bowl of ice cream around 7.

Today I had diarrhea. Nothing dramatic: just one occurrence and not like real sickness. But the last time I had diarrhea was around ten days ago when I ate five slices of Domino’s Pizza and two craft beers the night before a fast day. So I’m seeing a trend: crap begets crap. Yes, I can eat whatever I want on the feast days. But I have to keep in mind that some foods might make the fast day more of a trial — might make me more sluggish or sleepy, might cause more hunger hormones to make my stomach rumble, might give me the sharts. Must think ahead.


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