ADF Day 22 – A Mental Giant

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all fasted regularly for the purpose of fostering mental sharpness. During yesterday’s fast I felt very focused and alert as I did research, went for a drive, washed the cars, and whatever else I did. Once I get into ketosis my face flushes and my hands get cold and I feel like a nervous electric energy in my core. It’s hard to describe. It’s like the feeling when you’ve had too much caffeine, but with less edge. Whatever the explanation, it makes me feel like I have heightened acuity up top.

I went for a walk/jog around 5:30 PM yesterday, just two miles. The tendinitis in my right heel is still nagging, so if I’m going to keep walking I guess I’d better stop being in a rush and just walk. It’s hard to do that though, after running off and on for almost my entire adult life.

I had a huge salad — about 500 cals’ worth — around 7 PM and felt overfull afterwards. Tomorrow I may have to make a smaller salad. I’m thinking about breaking up the salad routine with “breakfast for dinner” once in a while on the fast days: four large eggs cooked in butter only have 270 calories and provide a nice dose of protein and fat. If I was hungry after eating four eggs I could always have a salad. Or I could mix them, but I’m not sure whether I’d put the eggs in the salad or the salad in the eggs.

Anyway I weigh myself again on Friday, two days from now. I ordered a smart scale yesterday so I can start keeping better track of my weight from week to week on my phone. We have one of those old scales with a needle from like my grandparent’s day. It basically gets the job done but I think it’s just guesstimating.

It’s almost 1:30 in the afternoon here on my feed day and I just finished lunch — so I’m full — and I still have almost 2000 calories in the budget for the rest of the evening. If a person isn’t drinking soda or gulping down ice cream and cake I don’t understand how he could binge on an alternate day fasting regimen. You’d have to want to overeat.


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