Alternate Day Fasting Day 13

I enjoyed my up day yesterday. I didn’t go wild with the feasting and had a nice, stable Sunday. I ate fairly clean. I was up early, though, and Daylight Savings Time also robbed me of an hour, which means I didn’t get much sleep. So I napped in the afternoon. For too long, as it were.

So today has been a whopper of a fast day. I slept maybe five hours last night. It’s grey and raining and cold outside. Cloudy weather has always given me the blues and made me feel sleepy; I want to eat when I have the blues and feel sleepy. I’m also still feeling the cold more on the down days; I want to eat whenever I feel cold. I didn’t have any specific cravings or thoughts of food today except for dreaming of a cup of cream-of-crab soup, which is a hot, super-fattening calorie-dense comfort food from the Delmarva peninsula where I used to live.

I’ve noticed I’m more thirsty on fast days than I am on up days. I suppose that has something to do with getting water from food on days when I’m eating.

So today wasn’t easy, but I stayed busy and made an effort to deflect negative thoughts whenever they assailed me. I made it through and I can eat my low-cal meal anytime after now because last I ate was 23 hours ago. Which brings me to one more interesting thing: my stomach seems to holler right around the 24-hour mark. It’s growling right now. Maybe I’ll wait a while longer just to spite it.


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