ADF Day 11

Yesterday I ate around 2500 calories, which is still 500 cals less than my “maintenance” requirement of 3000, confirming that if I minimize beer or sugary stuff I probably don’t really need to track calories on the up/feed day right now. I lifted weights with medium intensity before dinner. Jessica made cheeseburgers last night and I was satisfied after consuming one and a half. I still ate the other half because it was delicious, but dang I was full. I thought about eating a big apple around 8 o’clock…my brain wanted to eat it, but my stomach said no.

The book The Alternate-Day Diet by James Johnson came in the mail yesterday, and I read it in entirety last night (except for the recipes, which I only skimmed). I can’t say I learned much I didn’t already glean from sources on the Internet, but there were a couple of things:

  • I didn’t realize that the plan had helped people with asthma — regardless of whether they lost weight. There is a lot more to it than I’ll describe here, but because asthma is an inflammatory reaction and the plan seems to reduce inflammation throughout the body it has helped some folks to breathe better. It’s also helped people with allergies, liver damage, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure & cholesterol, arthritis and other inflammatory problems. Since I’ve had allergy-triggered asthma my whole life, perhaps a change in eating pattern could enable me to come off medication eventually?
  • As you lose weight, you have to remember to decrease your intake on the down days. A lot of folks’ weight loss plateaus somewhere around the three-month mark on the plan because though they lost 25 pounds or whatever they are still eating 500 calories on the fast day (when they should be eating, say, 350 cals — whatever 20% of their maintenance need is). What this means for me is that as I lose weight I’ll need to update the MyFitnessPal app to make sure I’m not eating too much on fast days.
  • I had planned to weigh myself every Wednesday, but the author suggests always weighting yourself after a down day, for consistency and accuracy. A body will weigh more and retain more water after a feasting day. In practical terms this means I’ll weigh myself every 8 days, rather than on a specific day each week.

Today is my 6th fast day. I’ve had two cups of black coffee and feel fine.


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