ADF Day 10

I had two strong bouts with hunger yesterday, once in the morning around 8:30 and the other at 4 in the afternoon: both of them lasted about 30 minutes and then waned. Two incidents of discomfort in a 24-hour fasting period seems manageable to me. I coped with the first one by lying down and closing my eyes for a bit, and I dealt with the second one by walking briskly for a couple miles, which made me feel good. And of course I drank water like a camel and peed like a fire hose all day. Except when the hunger hit, my energy and mental focus was great. I ate 550 cals around 6:30, so I accomplished my task of not eating anything but the low-cal meal yesterday. I was pretty irritable before I ate, though: a couple kids nearly lost their heads coming between me and food.

I noticed a slight headache before bed and it worsened overnight. It could’ve been a salt issue I guess — I’ve been doing something physical every day, either weights or walking — or it might have been caffeine withdrawal since I only had one cup of coffee yesterday. I’m thinking it was the caffeine shortage because I got up today and popped two ibuprofen with two cups of coffee and the headache disappeared. Someday I’ll do something about my caffeine addiction. But not till I drop some pounds.

Today is a feed day. I’ll track calories today just to know what I eat, but this might be the last day I do so. Most proponents of the ADF eating pattern don’t give a hoot what you eat on the “up” day, but are downright draconian with the “down” day.


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