ADF Day 9

It is the ninth day since I started alternate-day fasting, and today is the fifth “down” (fast) day. I ate my maintenance calories yesterday, around 3000 calories, most of that being in the early part of the day. (If I hadn’t guzzled two craft beers and a bowl of ice cream that calorie total would’ve been more like 2400, but whatever.) I will stop tracking my “up” day calories after I’ve measured them a few times to get an idea of how much I actually consume on a normal day.

Today I am trying something slightly different: I don’t plan to eat anything until the evening 500 cal meal, around 6 or 7 PM. I hit the weights pretty hard yesterday and plan on taking a short walk this afternoon before I eat, just to keep the juices flowing.

I felt a little queasy this morning but the sensation passed after I laid back down for a few minutes. I’m feeling pretty strong as of this writing, though it is over 70 degrees outside and I’m cold in my hands, arms and feet.

This is one of the interviews that turned me on to the ADF approach to weight loss:


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