Conflict of action and inertia

Three o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, July 13, 2014. We went to church this morning despite the fact that I’m not feeling well lately. The pastor spoke a corrective message about not sitting on your ass your whole life pretending everything’s fine. Not quite those words but that was the basic gist of things.

I am sick and tired. I haven’t done anything very productive today. Or yesterday. I washed some dishes to try and help out. Things have been a little crazy at work since July 4th. Couple of managers — off-kilter females — trying to make trouble and cussing me out and whatnot.

I was too tired to call anyone this week. I do not have friends. It’s natural that I treat people the way I have been treating God: flippantly.

I am sin sick and weary. I will go mow the grass.


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