3:21 P.M. on a Wednesday afternoon…

…and I got done running my sales route with amazing speed. Point of fact I wish I’d done a little more for my customers (there’s always something more), but I’m so accustomed to racing through Wednesday that it’s hard to slow down. I heard my supervisor telling someone this morning that they’re going to do some rerouting in a couple weeks, lay out the wintertime routes and make some adjustments to lighten up on some guys and heavy up some others. I’m expecting to get a bigger load, but I’m not worried. It’s pretty regular for me to get done around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, which means I could reasonably pick up a couple of stops each day. I have to get all my orders keyed in by 4, so there’s a limit to how much they can lay on me.

Stopped at home to eat a bowl of cereal and decided to sit here and loosen up the fingers a little so I can write later. I’ve been puzzling over the current story all day. I know the problem, the conflict, and I know the prime characters who are facing the conflict and where and how I bring them together, but I haven’t figured out how the thing resolves itself, or even if it does. I’ve never felt comfortable writing without a pretty firm ending in mind; a lot of times I get the ending first and work from there.

Another thing I’d like to do this afternoon (I mentioned this a couple weeks ago) is pray and set some short-term goals and long-term goals for my writing. I need a couple of realistic deadlines and a more precise aim as far as what I’m targeting.

We came into some insurance money because a huge branch fell off the biggest tree in our backyard and broke Jessica’s grapevine trellis. Over a grand they were willing to pay for the removal cost and the replacement of the trellis, so after the deductible we made out with over 500 bucks. Matt volunteered to use his saws-all to cut the thing apart and we got it hauled into the woods behind our house. It’s nice to come into some unforeseen cash occasionally when you’re feeling shaky and uncertain (see last post).

Okay, back to work to turn in my car and computer.


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