I can’t stand beads of sweat rolling down into my asscrack…

…but what’s a dude to do? I lifted weights after I got home from work and jogged a couple miles. Jeezumcrow it’s hot out. This past winter was pretty cold and snowy so I’m still not sick of the hot weather, but I spend the entire summer with pools of sweat on my chest, at the center of my back and in my drawers. The situation’s improved a little since I’m off truck and not doing deliveries now: last summer I missed a week of work to a fungal infection all around my ballsack. Nice, and made for some interesting stories when people asked why I wasn’t working that week. Anyway as far as workouts go I’ll take tomorrow off, run fast Friday morning, then run long Saturday morning.

Before I ran I read about Ted Dekker, who’s some Christian-friendly Stephen King/Dean Koontz rip-off who’s sold three million books. And I don’t blame him or begrudge him his success — I’m sure he’s earned it — but I was thinking that I have more to offer an audience than just some horror story. I have meaningful things to say in my writing, and while I was running I prayed that God would help me write stories that make people ask the right questions, the questions that lead them to think about Him.


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