I’ve been trying to run and lift my old dumbbells fairly regular for the past four or five weeks, and as usual I see results quickly. The left knee is a little sore with the tendinitis I always get when I run, but whatever. I gain weight with my undisciplined, intemperate nonstop eating all winter long and I lose weight when nice weather comes. The next step is to track my fitness somehow, try to motivate myself to keep active during the winter months.

I’ve been writing for an hour or two each evening this week and hope to spend some time writing later. Old habits need to be broken and reformed. I can be a writer, but I can’t just fantasize about writing: I’ve got to do it. Even if I spend hours and days working on stories or projects that don’t go anywhere and end up concluding they’re total shit, at least it’s practice. It’s honing the skills.

I have plans to rewrite a current short (1250 words or so) and submit it to a local paper — it’s about Laurel and western Sussex basically — and I have another short with similar subject matter flitting around upstairs. The aim is to maybe ask the editor for a part time job if anything’s available.

Then of course there’s the book idea.


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